Course 5 Project: LIS Reads – LIS Lê Game On!

Well, I don’t have any fingernails left, but the movie is finally done.  Be kind, world. Course 5, it’s been real.

If you’re interesting in visiting the sites associated with this project, check out the LIS Reads – LIS Lê posts on the LIS secondary library blog and the short-lived LIS Reads – LIS Lê House competition tumblr.

I would like to note that approximately 2/3 of the way through Course 5, my iPad was stolen (I am actually still hoping that I just hid it from myself somewhere in my library, but that is seeming less and less likely) and I lost a lot of the media I had intended to use in this video. I think it turned out all right in the end, but I apologize for the occasionally heavy reliance on screenshots.  You can see my UBD “unit” plan below.

Course 5: The “Game” Plan


Gamifying LIS Reads – LIS Lê is my Course 5 project. I’ve specifically decided to make it the gamification and not the technification of our year long reading program, because I want technology to be the tool supporting the goals, not the reason itself.

My Goals

  • Increase the number of students engaged in LIS Reads – LIS Lê
  • Deepen the connection to our school community by linking into the House Program
  • Increase the conversation around reading by offering students different ways to interact with the texts and each other
  • Break down the “walls” around the book club by bringing folks around the globe into our community
  • Develop student transliteracy skills by linking a traditional reading program with activities involving a wide variety of platforms, tools and medias
  • Develop life long readers

Photo by Flickr user Leo Reynolds under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo by Flickr user Leo Reynolds under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Here’s The Initial (Game) Plan

We’ll kick it off in February (and by that I mean this Wednesday, basically) by introducing our first challenge.  My tentative plan is to use February as my experimental month and then dive in deeply for March and April.   This means it may be a little less” techy” as I get the game entrenched in school culture with low barriers to entrance.
First Week: Submit a picture of yourself with the book, signifying you are IN! (Thank you, Level up Book Club)
Second week: submit your favorite quote from the book

Third week: points for each contribution to the online book club conversation (hopefully with another school!) – What are platform we going to use? Who’s going to talk to us?

Fourth Week: points for submitting questions for and then participating in our Skype/Online Twitter Chat/ Google+ Hangout with JCW and/or Anne C. Voorhoeve.
Somewhere near the end of the month: Battle of the Books-style competition during Assembly or Lunch… it matters not. I am thinking we’ll use Socrative or another online “clicker” quiz kind of system. or MAYBE we could do it through the morning notices, allowing all classrooms to participate at the same time in different places. So many choices!
What I’m going to work out…today and tomorrow
Points System: How will this points system actually work?  I’m meeting with our house coordinator, Fiona Tweedie, today during our professional learning day. We have a variety of house related activities throughout the year; this program can’t dominate all of the other programs.The
Story: there just isn’t one.  Most of the game based learning literature I’ve read emphasizes the importance of a “Save-The-Princess” style story behind any educational game.  Well, every thing I’ve brainstormed has been contrived and silly.  So I’m sticking with good old fashioned competition between the red, blue, yellow and green houses.
Badges: Will badges become a part of this crazy venture?  I hope so, but I have to see first how the beginning bits work out. If there’s enthusiasm, I’d like to move to multiple challenges each week, each under a different theme and then completing three out of the four challenges from a specific theme in a month results in earning your badge. I feel like this is where I start turning it into more student centred game as opposed to a classic competition.

What I need

Photo by Flickr user Andres John under CC BY 2.0

Photo by Flickr user Andres John under CC BY 2.0

  • Examples of great online book clubs: The LevelUpBC was fantastic, and I am intimdated by their greatness.  Come On COETAIL, scare me with fabulosity.
  • Schools to connect with: I really want to have some interaction with other schools in February, March, April and May. Ready to break down some walls, try an online book clubs and make it happen? Tweet me, message me, send me an email: let’s make it happen!
  • Feedback: What do you think?