Remixin’ Readin’ and Writin’

PridePrejudiceZmbiesAs always, COETAIL forces me to think about issues which have been niggling at the back of my noggin for quite some time. This time, it’s fan fiction that’s been bugging me. My students love it.  And I don’t mean like it a little.  I mean LOVE it. There are two girls in particular who come to the library several afternoons a week and just write and comment and write and laugh and comment and write and read fan fiction. And they’re just the tip of the fan fiction iceberg at LIS.

According to Urban Dictionary, Fan Fiction is “a work of fiction utilizing characters from a book, television show, or movie, as opposed to original characters. Referred to as ‘fan’ fiction because it is generally written by fans obsessed with the book, television show, or movie.”

Some examples:

Where do I read it, write it, share it?

  • Wattpad – recommended by my students
  • FanFiction – the most popular site
  • deviantART – known for it’s amazing visual art, there’s a LOT of fan fiction texts shared her as well

Anything legit? How about Pride, Prejudice and Zombies? It’s on our library shelves, and it’s been a hit around the world. Straight up Remix.

So what am I going to do about it? Well, I think the first thing is start encouraging fan fiction through providing students with ways to share their favorite Fanfiction, discuss the work of others they like and  write their own Fanfiction.  What first comes to mind is an after school activity oriented around Fanfiction and dedicated places and spaces for students to display remixed texts. But I don’t know. I’m new to Fanfic.  What do you think, fellow COETAILers?

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